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Olmen is an island (or rather two islands: Tunaolmen and Idenorsolmen) with an old fishing village farthest out in the Hudiksvall archipelago in the southern part of the Bothnian Sea. Olmen (map) is situated approx. 3 km from the nearest road at Hölick on the southern tip of the Hornslandet peninsula. There are no regular communications with the mainland. To get to Olmen it’s necessary to navigate your own boat, or arrange with transportation from some of the residents of the island. Lodging also has to be arranged on individual basis. There is no running water, electricity, broadband access or fixed telephone lines for visitors on Olmen. All supplies have to be brought.

Olmen has two guest jettys in connection to the fishing village, and in addition two guest harbours on different locations of the island. Drinking water can be fetched from the well, situated in the center of the fishing harbour. The well is equipped with a manual pump. To Hölick, where there are parking facilities, a convenience store, two restaurants and a camping/resort, you can easily get by car or in the summertime by bus (line 37) from Hudiksvall. In connection with the annual ”mass of light” in the Olmen chapel (usually on the last Saturday of August), the association of local residents traditionally arranges with transportation by ship from Hölick for the general public.

Guest jettys:

  • Fishing harbour: approx. 4 berths, 2 m. harbour depth, toilett and bin bag. See valid nautical chart for safe entry.

  • Olmsundet: approx. 2 berths, 2,5 m. harbour depth, toilett and bin bag.

Guest harbours:

  • Berghamn: approx. 8 berths, 1,7 m. harbour depth, toilett, shelter and outdoor grill, bin bag.

  • Klubbviken: approx. 10 berths, 2,0 m. harbour depth, toilett, shelter and outdoor grill, bin bag.


  • One of the Swedish Yachtclub’s (Svenska Kryssarklubbens) buoys is situated west of Berghamn and southeast of Stora Pråmskär (position 61°38’N, 17°22’ O)


Nautical charts:

  • Coastal chart : 53 – Bottenhavet och norra Ålands hav.

  • Archipelago chart: 532 – Hällgrund – Hudiksvall – Hornslandet.


  • Blå kartan (Blue chart) 155, Hudiksvall, covers the whole archipelago from Hudiksvall to Söderhamn.

  • Gröna kartan (Green chart), Hudiksvall 15H NV och 15H NO, covers the whole archipelago of Hudiksvall.

  • Gula kartan (Yellow chart), 15H:65, Tunaolmen.


  • The nearest road connection is at Hölick, on the southern tip of Hornslandet, approx. 30 km southeast of Hudiksvall. The exit from motorway E4 is situated approx. 3 km north of Hudiksvall. Follow directions to Hornslandet/Hölick.

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